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New and old, tile roofs provide a beauty and character all their own.  A distinction that is noted upon first glance.  They have journeyed through time and are tested.  They have tested well, not only because of the material they are made of, but just as importantly because of the craftsmen who have laid them.

Tile roofs are very unique in their design and construction.  It is because of this it takes years of professional experience and gathered knowledge.  The kind of knowledge that over time ensures competence to install, repair, and maintain these works of art.

The expert craftsmen at ARL have decades of this knowledge and experience.  The kind of knowledge and experience that you’ll want on your team, whether you’re an architect, contractor, owner or curator.  ARL can assist you over concerns such as roof load, support components, proper venting, history of similar applications, maintenance etc.
ARL is also able to provide detailed working drawings and specifications.  This is extremely helpful on those jobs that present special and difficult challenges. We also have the ability to procure those hard to find historical obsolete slate, clay, and concrete tile for your repair or new installation.