Service Department

Architectural Roof Lines has a full time, professional trained and equipped service department to repair slate, clay and concrete roof tiles.  Along with copper gutters and copper roofs with Scott Bastian’s 27 years of experience ARL is know for solving all types of roof problems:

Maintaining Your Roof

Tile roofs; while being very durable and long lived do require occasional attention.  Such as removal of debris; leaves, pine needles, cotton, whirlybirds etc. from gutters, valleys, under certain areas of the tile, and near components and protrusions like chimneys, skylights, roof vents, saddle areas etc.  We do caution that only qualified people trained to traverse tile roofs be permitted on your roof.  Tile will break if traversed incorrectly.  ARL offers a comprehensive annual maintenance program designed to alleviate common problems.  A friendly face, someone you’ll come to know and trust, will be there for you.

Service Letter